Egypt Watch

Egypt continues to force evictions of residents of unplanned areas

On Tuesday, twenty people were arrested in Egypt because they resisted the police forces and assaulted their members.

Lawyer Saleh Mohamed said that the clashes with the police resulted from the government’s desire to evict residents from their homes in the Al-Salam district in Cairo. He added that the government had moved the residents from one of the unplanned areas of Cairo to alternative homes but soon asked them to vacate them.

According to a recent Amnesty International report, Egypt continues to force evictions of residents of unplanned areas. On Monday, an Egyptian court rejected a lawsuit filed by the residents of Al-Warraq Island, which demanded that the government be prevented from expropriating land and buildings belonging to them. According to the residents’ lawyer, Ghanem Salih, the Egyptian government’s decision to confiscate their property came without appropriate compensation and without negotiating with the residents. He added that the residents would appeal the ruling to the Supreme Administrative Court.