Egypt Watch

Lack of fodder escalates crisis in the poultry industry

On Sunday, the vice president of the General Federation of Poultry Producers, Tharwat Al-Zeini, said that the crisis of raw materials shortage in the poultry sector is worsening daily.
Al-Zaini added that the crisis caused a massive price rise, as a ton of soybeans reached 40,000 Egyptian pounds. Also, the price of a ton of yellow corn, one of the primary feeds for poultry, reached 20,000 Egyptian pounds. He also attributed the fodder shortage crisis to the difficulty of purchasing fodder stacked in ports due to the scarcity of hard currency needed for import.

The head of the Poultry Division at the Chamber of Commerce, Abdel Aziz Al-Sayed, said that the quantities of fodder that traders could import were insufficient to meet the sector’s needs, which needs 90 thousand tons per month of raw fodder materials. The Table Eggs Division of the General Union of Poultry Producers also issued a statement on Saturday, complaining about the shortage of raw fodder materials. The poultry industry in Egypt, and many other industries, have been witnessing a significant crisis for months due to obstacles facing imports.