Egypt Watch

6 human rights organisations demand al-Sisi stop executions

Six human rights organisations have launched a campaign “Stop executions in Egypt” and demanded the Egyptian regime to stop issuing and carrying out death sentences.

Adalah’s Foundation for Human Rights, Efdi International, Shehab Centre for Human Rights, Peace International for the Protection of Human Rights, the European Coalition for Human Rights, and Human Rights Monitor participated in the campaign.

Roughly 84 Egyptians have been sentenced to death and could be executed at any moment.

In a statement, the six organisations called for a moratorium on executions in Egypt on the occasion of the International Day Against the Death Penalty.

This campaign was launched in Paris in May 2018, and for the second year in a row the campaign continues to develop its activities and put pressure on Egyptian authorities to halt executions.

Since mid-2013, Egyptian authorities have sentenced about 1,500 political opponents to death in trials described by many human rights organisations as politicised and illegal, particularly as the defendants are subjected to enforced disappearance and forced to confess under torture.