Egypt Watch

$10bn for water desalination and sewage treatment in Egypt

The Egyptian Minister of Housing, Assem el-Jazzar, said in a press release on Sunday that Egypt is preparing to expand the construction of seawater desalination and wastewater plants due to the repercussions of the Renaissance Dam.

The cost of constructing seawater desalination plants is estimated to reach EGP 134.2 billion ($8.4 billion), while the wastewater treatment will cost EGP 29.5 billion ($1.9 billion). It is expected that there will be repercussions on the operation of the Renaissance Dam in its coming stages, which will lead to a deduction of large quantities of water imported into Egypt.

The minister added that the plan is based on providing alternative sources of drinking water, in addition to increasing the utilisation of groundwater, and expanding the establishment of wastewater treatment plants and drains for reuse.