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13 Egyptian governorates witness run-offs in the disreputable parliamentary elections

Thirteen Egyptian governorates are witnessing voting in the run-off of the first stage of the country’s parliamentary elections at home.

The National Election Authority (NEA), the state’s authority in charge of supervising elections, said the voting process went smoothly. “Judges and members of the public prosecution supervised the polling stations to ensure all standards of transparency, integrity and adherence to relevant laws are applied,” the NEA added.

The operations chamber of the Egyptian Judges’ Club said it did not receive any complaints from judges or the prosecution staff overseeing the vote, adding that it did not spot any obstacles whilst ballots were cast. Voting for Egyptian expats in 124 countries also concluded on Monday at 9pm, according to the local time in each country. No official data was released on turnout, however the turnout in the first round of this stage, conducted between 21 and 25 October, was 28.06 per cent.

A total of 220 candidates are competing for 110 seats in these governorates, amid expectations of low turnout.