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Egypt official: The real COVID-19 figures in the country are 10 times higher

A member of the National Committee to Combat Coronavirus in Egypt, Dr. Mohamed al-Nady, has said that the country’s real number of virus infections is 10 times the officially announced figure. The club added, in an interview with Lamees al-Hadidi on the last word programme, broadcast on the satellite channel ON: “We remain courteous, that is, we are talking about the lowest possible estimate.” The club expected the presence of the new strain of the virus inside the country, commenting: “If we conducted a genetic study of the coronavirus, we might find the new strain in Egypt.”

A member of the National Committee to Combat Corona in Egypt warned that the virus would spread faster in the coming period, noting that its complications are not different from what happened in the first wave. On Sunday, Egypt recorded 644 new cases of the virus and 29 deaths. The total number of cases announced by the authorities is 125,555, while 7,098 deaths were recorded.

The British government announced the presence of a new strain of coronavirus in the country, and cases of it were discovered in the Netherlands, Denmark, and Australia, according to the World Health Organisation.