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Trump accuses the Egyptian regime of buying Russian weapons with US aid money

US President Donald Trump accused Egypt of buying Russian weapons with US aid money. In a video message posted on his Twitter account, Trump accused the Egyptian army of using US aid to buy military equipment from Russia. Trump’s comments came as part of his rejection of a bill approved by Congress to become a law that includes aid to foreign countries. The US President said that the plan approved by Congress includes aid worth $ 1.3 billion to Egypt, as the Egyptian army uses it almost exclusively to buy military equipment from Russia.

However, the former director of moral affairs in the Egyptian army, Major General Samir Farag, said that Trump’s accusation against Egypt “lacks credibility and objectivity.” He added that it is known that the American military aid, which is estimated at one billion and three hundred million dollars, does not enter the Egyptian treasury in the first place, and this is one of the terms of the agreement.

Major General Faraj explained that the aid money is used to purchase US military equipment that will be agreed upon between the two sides. He expressed surprise that Trump was not aware of these details, but added: Or he knows the truth and turns a blind eye to it. He believed that there is a sensitivity of the Americans towards any country purchasing military equipment from Russia in general. He said that Trump did not make similar statements when Egypt bought weapons from France, Germany, or Italy. It is the usual sensitivity to the development of relations between any country with Russia.

Trump, who leaves office on January 20, was expected to sign the new draft resolution approved by Congress. He changed that in his letter he rejected the bill on the pretext that it was spending money on other countries, and that this money should go to Americans who are suffering, and described the project as a disgrace.