Egypt Watch

Cabinet reshuffle expected in Egypt by end of January

Sources in government said that Prime Minister Moustafa Madbouly will oversee a cabinet reshuffle after concluding the parliamentary discussion of the governmental statement. The reshuffle will not be a complete one but will apply to ministers who received criticism either popularly or in the parliament. The expected list includes the ministers of media, environment, public business sector, civil aviation, tourism, culture, higher education, manpower, religious endowments, municipal development, irrigation, agriculture, and sports and youth. The minister of education was said to be included also after reports about escalating anger against his policies.

Moustafa Madbouly is expected to resume as the prime minister, especially after his commitment to the economic reform programme, as are the ministers of economic ministries in the office. The news of a reshuffle in Egypt has not been received with great interest as it is known that public policies remain almost constant with various consecutive ministers, especially with the predomination of the security bodies (known as sovereign bodies) on decision-making in Egypt.