Egypt Watch

2 Egyptian soldiers killed in explosive attack

Two Egyptian soldiers have been killed and several others injured in an explosive attack by ISIS-affiliated Wilayet Sinai. The explosive device blew up a military convoy of Egyptian commandos in Bir al-Abd, where ISIS is active. An ambulance transferred the injured to Arish Military Hospital. Military medical staff said that the attack killed Ahmed Abdel Karim Ragab, a non-commissioned officer, and a ranker who has not yet been identified.

The attack came days after another similar one that resulted in the murder of an Egyptian intelligence officer. Since the beginning of 2021, Wilayet Sinai restored activity launching violent attacks against governmental troops in Sinai targeting the high-ranking officers.

Recently, Mada Masr news website reported experts’ critiques against the strategy of the Egyptian special forces, noting that the troops in Sinai depend on outdated tactics that lower its efficiency in combating ISIS asymmetrical warfare.