Egypt Watch

Hunger strikes and suicide attempts in Scorpion Prison

The Egyptian Network for Human Rights unveiled that many prisoners in the high security Scorpion Prison went on a hunger strike, and that several suicide attempts have been recorded, due to the continuous persecution of detainees, the denial of visits and their tragic detention conditions.

ENHR added in a statement it issued on Tuesday that prisoners were denied time to go outside which had a serious effect on their health, including accelerating the spread of skin infections from lack of access to the sun.

This came along with the lack of personal hygiene tools and medical treatment, as the prison gives a tiny bar of soap to every prisoner every three to four months. The prison authorities also deny the prisoners of adequate food while preventing them from receiving food from their relatives outside or even buying food from the canteen. ENHR asserted that such cruel measures are not new.

According to the statement, the Egyptian authorities have ignored these awful conditions in Scorpion Prison which push the detainees to suffer series psychological and physical health issues, which manifested itself in the sharp rise of suicide attempts.

ENHR demanded the Egyptian authorities reconsider detention conditions in Scorpion Prison and give the detainees their basic rights, the most paramount of which is the right to life.