The fact about Coronavirus deaths in Egypt between the reality and government records

Since the outbreak of the Corona pandemic at the beginning of the year 2020, there are many doubts about the numbers announced by the Egyptian government about the numbers of deaths from the virus, but the authorities have repeatedly emphasized that the numbers of deaths are accurate. Over time, it becomes more certain that the suspicions were correct. A recent study published in the prestigious scientific journal “The Lancet” concluded that the number of corona deaths in Egypt exceeds 12 times the announced number. At the time of preparing the study, the official number of deaths was 21,800 (currently 24,277), but the number that the study concluded is 265 thousand deaths!

Study Methodology

The study attempted to reach the real numbers of corona deaths in various countries of the world by using the excess deaths scale, which is a main measure of the real number of deaths due to the epidemic, and expresses the difference between the number of deaths recorded from all causes and the expected number based on previous trends. The official number of deaths worldwide due to the pandemic, at the time of preparing the study between January 1, 2020 and December 31, 2021, was 5.9 million deaths, while the new study estimates that 18.2 million excess deaths occurred during the same period, and evidence indicates that a large proportion of the excess deaths are A direct result of infection with the emerging corona virus.

According to the study, the large differences between excess and officially recorded deaths may be a result of under diagnosis due to lack of testing and problems with reporting mortality data. The study authors relied on a statistical model to predict excess deaths for countries that did not report weekly or monthly data on deaths from all causes, which may place some limitations on full acceptance of their results, but it remains an important indicator in the absence of data. The study authors stress that distinguishing between deaths directly caused by the emerging corona and those that occurred as an indirect result of the epidemic is critical to making effective decisions in the field of public health.

Evidence supporting the study’s conclusions

According to the Egyptian Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics, the number of deaths during the five years preceding the Corona pandemic, i.e. from 2015 to 2019, ranged between 550 and 570 thousand deaths annually. This number jumped to 664.8 thousand deaths by the end of 2020, an increase of 94.2 thousand deaths from the year 2019, in which 570.6 thousand deaths were recorded, at a time when the official government figures for Corona deaths were only 7,631 deaths!

Egyptian doctors confirmed that the reason for this discrepancy in the number of real and officially recorded Corona deaths is the death of many inside the patient reception departments in hospitals, or before their arrival to them, without these tests being conducted for them, and the cause of these deaths was not recorded as being due to Corona. For example, Sherif Moussa, head of the medical team at Esna Specialized Hospital, says in previous press statements that the number of people who died of symptoms of the virus without being recorded in its death statistics “is much greater than those who registered. The swabs were not enough for everyone, and some patients were late coming.”, because of the distance between them and the hospital, and they die upon arrival at the hospital before we take the sample from them,” adding: “The official papers considered pneumonia or shortness of breath the cause of these deaths.”

And the matter came to the point that doctors’ deaths due to Corona were not recorded, even though they are in the first ranks to confront the virus, as the Doctors Syndicate previously confirmed that hundreds of doctors died due to the virus, while the government refuses to recognize them because they were unable to perform a PCR examination before death. He believes that the reason for this is the government’s unwillingness to pay financial compensation to their families.

According to doctors and followers, the Ministry of Health imposed many restrictions to reduce PCR tests to detect infection with the virus, although this test is the one that the Ministry relies exclusively on recording Corona deaths. Even more than that, the Ministry refused to approve any PCR tests that were carried out in private hospitals or laboratories, which contributed to reducing the number of HIV infections and deaths and created a large gap between the real and officially registered numbers.

We believe that what the Ministry of Health did was based on higher orders from President Sisi himself, who wanted to reduce the numbers of infections and deaths in Corona so that he would not have to take measures to close and pay compensation to those affected, which affects the economic numbers that he is proud of, which contributed to the increase in deaths dramatically. Bigger because the citizens didn’t realize what was really happening. This confirms that this is a criminal regime that does not hesitate to take any decision that supports its survival and authority, even if it is at the expense of people’s lives literally.