Egypt Watch

Sudanese authorities intend to deport nine Egyptian dissidents

The Egyptian Network for Human Rights has said that the Sudanese authorities intend to deport nine Egyptian dissidents to their country. Four were sentenced to life imprisonment, and five were sentenced to two years in Egypt, according to the human rights group. Deportation is likely to endanger their lives, it added. Horrific cases of torture of dissidents deported to Egypt have been documented.

The Director of the General Intelligence Directorate of Egypt, Abbas Kamel, visited Khartoum at the beginning of the month. The rights group warned against handing over dissidents to Egyptian authorities, adding that doing so would breach international laws. It also appealed to the Sudanese authorities not to take adequate measures to deport them, holding the Sudanese government fully responsible.

The human rights group also called on the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights to intervene immediately and pressure the Sudanese authorities to stop deportations that might endanger dissidents.