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A military court sentences 26 workers to dismissal and suspended imprisonment

After 3 years of custody, the military misdemeanors court sentenced 26 workers to suspended imprisonment for a year and dismissal from their jobs at the Alexandria Shipyard Company.

On May 22, 2016; hundreds of workers of Alexandria Shipyard organised a sit-in in its headquarter demanding overdue payments, implementation of minimum wage, running the out of action workshops and dismissal of the CEO.

The Egyptian Center for Economic and Social Rights said in a former statement that the referral of workers to military court is illegal as Alexandria Shipyard, in spite of being owned by the ministry of defence, was considered as a civilian institution according to a decision by the prime minister in 2006.

Furthermore, holding strikes is a right of workers according to the article no. 15 of the Egyptian constitution and according to international treaties signed by the Egyptian state.