Egypt Watch

Mob sexual assault attack on Egypt woman ignites anger

January 4, 2019

A video of a mob of young men harassing an Egyptian woman as she
returned home from New Year’s Eve celebrations has ignited anger on
social media.
A video circulated captured the young men harassing the woman, who is
screaming to be rescued.
Some observers have said that up to 200 young men tried to harass the
woman. The video shows many of young men mobbing and grabbing at her
skirt as she cries and then is taken away in a car.
Social media users asked the security services to arrest the accused as
quickly as possible and refer them to trial.
Security services said they have started investigating the video.
A 2013 UN report found that 99.3 per cent of women in Egypt have
experienced some form of sexual harassment. Sexual harassment in Egypt
is punishable by jail terms of up to 10 years.