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Egypt sends a calm message to Turkey

The Libyan crisis may witness a near breakthrough after Egypt sent messages to Turkey through European powers concerned with the Libyan crisis revealing its willingness to persuade Haftar to retreat from the capital, Tripoli, provided that no Turkish forces are sent to Libya, according to Alaraby Aljadeed.

The sources confirmed that high-profile Egyptian officials held their counterparts in the UAE responsible for the deterioration in the Libyan crisis. 

There is now a possibility of reaching a temporary settlement for the crisis, according to which Haftar should return to his regions, while Turkey would not send military forces to Tripoli until a comprehensive political agreement is reached for the crisis in Libya.

Egypt is not interested in controlling Tripoli, just with eliminating religious groups in both Benghazi and Derna to keep them as far away as possible from Egypt’s western borders.

Cairo was disappointed with the results of the emergency Arab summit which confirmed that the Skhirat Agreement that does not legitimise Haftar. 

Cairo announced its participation in the Munich conference to form a comprehensive political solution to the crisis in Libya. It had previously refused to contribute.