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66 French and European MPs condemn rights crackdown in Egypt

French newspaper Le Monde has published a statement signed by 66 French MPs and European parliament members condemning human rights violations in Egypt and calling for the release of the Egyptian-Palestinian activist Ramy Shaath and other activists and rights defenders who are arbitrarily detained in Egypt. “The Egyptians took to the street on January 25, 2011 to demand freedom and social justice, but after nine years, the result is clear: the change they asked for did not take place,” the signatories said. They continued: “Egypt is witnessing an unprecedented escalation of oppression against civil society, human rights defenders, political activists, lawyers and journalists.”

Signatories condemned Ramy Shaath’s detention, that has been renewed regularly without any legal basis, noting that his trial sessions have been repeatedly postponed, often at the last minute, which has prevented international observers attending. They added that Shaath is imprisoned in inhuman conditions and deprived of receiving proper health treatment like all other prisoners and that his health has deteriorated. The signatories expressed grave concern about this tragic situation, calling on the French authorities to take action to release human rights defenders unjustly imprisoned in Egypt.