Egypt Watch

Despite calls for release of detainees, security services arrest more

The Egyptian Coordination for Rights and Freedoms said that the security services are carrying out an arrest campaign against activists in different governorates, ignoring the calls of human rights organisations to release the detainees in anticipation of an outbreak of coronavirus in prison.

Security forces arbitrarily arrested one citizen in Kafr El-Sheikh and two others in the city of Baltim, who were taken to an unknown location.

Security forces in the Sharqiyah Governorate arrested three citizens from the city of Al-Husayniyah, and a university student in Belbeis for allegedly spreading false information about coronavirus through social media.

It’s reported that UNHCR said that the number of detainees in Egypt reaches 114,000, and is calling on the Egyptian government to release prisoners accused of non-violent crimes and those in pretrial detention, around one third of detainees.

The coordination criticised the arrest of 15 people and accused them of spreading false news about the reality of the outbreak of coronavirus in Egypt.