Egypt Watch

COVID-19 infections increase again after two days of decline

The Egyptian Ministry of Health announced, on Sunday, that the daily infection rate of coronavirus in Egypt has increased again, two days after a relatively low decrease.

The Ministry of Health confirmed that 230 new infections were recorded on Sunday, compared to 212 on Saturday. The ministry stated that the death toll in the country was 23 deaths in the last 24 hours, compared to 14 deaths on Saturday. The total number of people infected as of Sunday night was 98,727, of whom 5,399 died, while 72,120 have recovered. Last March, the Egyptian authorities announced a package of precautionary measures to limit corona’s spread, but they decided to reopen places of worship last August.

Specialists believe that there is an imminent second wave of coronavirus. Still, the people’s commitment to the precautionary measures that must be followed to prevent the coronavirus outbreak has decreased in the recent period.