Egypt Watch

Khaled Ali: 1943 detained since the September 20 protests

On Saturday, Egyptian human rights lawyer Khaled Ali said that the Egyptian authorities arrested 1943 people connected with the September 20 protests. Ali added, in a statement on his Facebook page, that an approximate number of 1943 names were counted during the period between September 20 and until today. The lawyer explained: We collected them from the testimonies of lawyers, families, and human rights organizations published on Facebook because no data was issued from official authorities indicating the numbers of those arrested in recent events. He pointed out that decisions were issued to imprison the arrested for 15 days pending investigations in two cases, without details of the accusations against them.

The Egyptian human rights defender revealed that this inventory is approximate and may not include everyone included in the release decisions, or the names of all those arrested. Last year, Amnesty International estimated the number of detainees after the September 20, 2019 demonstrations, at about 4 thousand detainees.

Since September 20, 2020, Egyptian villages have witnessed limited demonstrations demanding the departure of General Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, in protest against the deteriorating living conditions, at the contractor’s invitation and the opposition artist Mohamed Ali.