Egypt Watch

Al-Sisi: “If you ask me about education, I will ask you about birth-control!”

Abel Fattah al-Sisi said that the Egyptian state works on various fields and sectors in parallel. “We do not neglect anything, including education contrary to what is said,” said al-Sisi in his speech during the opening of Fairuz Fish Farm in Port Saeed. “If you ask me about education, I will ask you about birth-control,” al-Sisi added. “If you demand me, I demand you back,” he continued. Al-Sisi’s statement provoked social media in Egypt as it is appeared as an attempt to escape the responsibility through accusing the people. Al-Sisi used to use this argument against criticism directed to his attitude in development.

Most recently, al-Sisi said in his speech during the opening festival of the World Men’s Handball Championship that “Awareness is the true vaccination,” refusing demands for buying sufficient stock of anti-COVID19 vaccine or ordering a lockdown to combat the violent second wave of the pandemic. Al-Sisi’s statements were confirmed by a statement by his consultant Doctor Awad Tageddene, who said, “The health of every citizen is his own responsibility.” Moreover, al-Sisi addressed the crisis of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam briefly, saying that Egypt does not violate the rights of others in water. The statement was also controversial as it does not explain Egypt’s upcoming steps in the so complicated crisis.