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The Criminal Court inserts Aboul Fotouh onto terror list

The Cairo Criminal Court has inserted 16 people onto a terror list for five years. The list included the well-known Egyptian politician and previous presidency candidate Abdel Moneim Aboul Fotouh, his brother Ahmed Aboul Fotouh, Mahmoud Ezzat, the deputy guide of Muslim Brotherhood, and Ibrahim Mounir, the current acting guide of the Muslim Brotherhood who lives abroad.

The law of terrorism entities assigns to the public prosecution the preparation of terrorism lists to be presented to the Criminal Court to decide. However, the Criminal Court’s decisions to insert entities or persons onto terrorism lists used to be nullified by the Court of Cassation due to the lack of evidence. Most recently, the Court of Cassation nullified, in February 2020, a decision to insert Aboul Fotouh and his son onto one of the terror lists. According to the law of terrorism entities in Egypt, legislated in 2015, the insertion on terrorism lists is not a condition by a previous court rule that proves the participation of the entity or the person in terrorist activities. Instead, the insertion depends only on a National Security investigation. This makes the lists vulnerable to the political passions of the Egyptian authorities.