Egypt Watch

Opposition representatives at the Parallel Egyptian Forum are targeted by the regime

The Parallel Egyptian Forum, a US-based Egyptian initiative, has issued a report confirming that their opposition representatives have become a prime target for the Egyptian regime.

Ramy Almasry, the forum founder who lives in the USA, told Egypt Watch that the available information that the report depends on is “scarce.”

The Programme of National Integrity Regulation of the Parallel Egyptian Forum has mentioned 11 cases related to the opposition representatives. Some of them belong to political parties whereas the rest are independent.

It included Parliament Member Mohamed Dawoud (El Wafd Party), Former MP Mohamed Elsadaat, General-Secretary of Islah and Tanmia Party and Former MP Haitham El- Hariri, member of Tahalouf El Sha’abi El Ishtraki Party, along with other representatives.

The report has excluded five cases that have suffered legal harassment and included ten recommendations urging the Egyptian Government to commit to the legal framework that shall regulate political and parliamentary life and calling on the targeted MP representatives to file a complaint with the Inter-Parliamentary Union. Moreover, the report has stressed the urgency of having a substantial constitutional overhaul. Likewise, the report called to put the convention of enforced disappearance into action.

The report, in its recommendations, called upon the Egyptian government to stop harassing opposing MPs, open the space for political opposition, enhance the censorship role regarding the observation of election campaign violations, issuing new laws to sponsor political parties, and to admit the enforcing legislations of the constitution, those enforcing legislations that have been ignored by parliament between 2015-2020.