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First Turkish delegation to visit Cairo in eight years arrives for talks

An official Turkish delegation has arrived in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, on its first official visit in eight years. The visit comes as part of the restoration of diplomatic relations and reconciliation between Sisi’s regime and the Turkish regime.

Cairo confirmed that political consultations with Turkey would be held in the capital Cairo on May 5-6. The talks will be led by deputy foreign affairs minister and Ambassador Sedat Onal and his Egyptian counterpart Hamdi Sanad Loza.

The Foreign Ministry said in a written statement, early Wednesday, that “The exploratory talks will focus on necessary steps that may lead to normalisation of relations between the two countries at the bilateral and regional context.” The official visit comes after steps taken by Turkey to close the Egyptian opposition TV channels that have broadcast from Istanbul over the past years.

Press reports indicated that Egyptian security and intelligence agencies instructed journalists close to the Sisi regime to calm the atmosphere with Turkey during the past days and stop insulting Turkish President Erdogan. On April 15, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu announced in a live broadcast that it was agreed that the communication channel first opened between Turkish and Egyptian intelligence would continue through the foreign ministries.

Cavusoglu revealed that Egypt invited the Turkish side for a visit in early May. After the inter-delegations meeting, Cavusoglu said he could meet his Egyptian counterpart as well. Turkey and Egypt have recently released statements on bilateral ties, suggesting a restoration of relations after more than seven years of political estrangement.

The two countries exchanged positive signals on establishing contacts and dialogue, including the possibility of holding talks to demarcate their maritime borders in the Eastern Mediterranean.​​​​​​​