Egypt Watch

CIHRS urges Germany to put pressure on the Egyptian government

The Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies (CIHRS) has urged Germany to pressure the Egyptian government to stop its ongoing brutal campaign against human rights defenders. It stresses that Egypt’s practices contradict its role as the host of COP27.

Leslie Piquemal, Senior EU Advocacy Representative at CIHRS, stressed, during her speech before the German Parliament’s Subcommittee on Climate and International Energy Policy, the need for continued international pressure on the Egyptian government to reach a lasting and fundamental reform of the human rights situation in the country.

According to the rights group, the Egyptian government designed a malicious process to prevent independent regional and Egyptian NGOs from participating in COP27 while helping only the NGOs it chose. These practices coincide with a severe human rights crisis in Egypt. German parliamentarians, including Lisa Badum of Alliance 90/The Greens, have expressed concern, calling for responses to the Egyptian government’s abuses of civil society activists. CIHRS has said that countries and actors with a genuine commitment to human and environmental rights should continue to monitor the situation in Egypt.