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Suez Canal Authority discloses death of worker in refloating stranded Ever Given

For the first time, the Egyptian authorities revealed that a worker died during the floatation of the Ever Given, the giant ship that ran aground in the Suez Canal in March.

Head of the Suez Canal Authority, Osama Rabie, met with the Ambassador of Panama in Cairo, Alejandro Mendoza Gantes, after Cairo announced reducing the value of compensation for the giant ship flying the flag of Panama. This official announcement comes for the first time after nearly two months have passed since the ship’s stranding incident, which sparked widespread controversy. This announcement came in a statement that monitored the Suez Canal Authority’s losses to float the ship that ran aground in the canal’s navigation course.

Despite the late announcement of these losses, the Suez Canal Authority decided to reduce the value of the compensation required to $550 million instead of $916 million, according to a new assessment of the value of the cargo loaded on it.

The head of the authority added that it would be possible to accept $200 million in principle for the ship’s release, provided that the rest of the compensation would be presented later. The Egyptian authorities are holding the ship in the Bitter Lakes region in Ismailia.

Last Saturday, the owner of the Ever Given accused the Suez Canal Authority of causing the ship to run aground. The company that own the ship submitted a request to the Egyptian judiciary for the Suez Canal Authority to grant it compensation of $100,000.