Egypt Watch

Two civilian victims in clashes between ISIS and the Egyptian army

On Friday, two civilians were killed, and others were injured due to clashes between the Sinai Province organization and forces affiliated with the Egyptian army and the tribal groups supporting it near the Suez Canal.

Tribal sources said that the clashes took place on Friday afternoon in the village of Jalbana, which is only 15 kilometres from the Suez Canal. The sources also said that the army forces and the tribal groups supporting it had strengthened their presence in the vicinity of the village during the past hours. Medical sources said that the bodies of two dead civilians had arrived at Bir al-Abed Hospital, adding that the injured were transferred to Al-Arish Military Hospital.

The Sinai Province, a branch of the militant Islamist Islamic State active in the Sinai Peninsula of Egypt, launched a surprise attack on Thursday on the international road linking the Suez Canal and the city of Al-Arish. The militants of the terrorist organization control a large area of the village, according to sources. The Egyptian Armed Forces have lost thousands of its officers and soldiers during the last decade as a result of the war with the group. Tribal groups supporting the army have also lost dozens of their members. Military operations have failed to eliminate the terrorist organization, despite security cooperation between the Egyptian and Israeli armies.