Sisi criticises behaviour of some Muslims as a cause of Islamophobia

EgyWatch – June 2, 2019
President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi on Sunday said that the behaviour of some
Muslims is among the causes of Islamophobia. He made this claim
referring to the Fatwa that forbade the congratulating of Christians for
their festivals.
“Every religion is strengthened or weakened by the people of the
religion themselves and how they practise their religion,” said the
President at the Laylat al-Qadr celebration hosted by the Ministry of
Awqaf at al-Azhar Conference Centre. “For example,” Sisi continued, “for
five years, I have never mentioned a rude word in my speeches against
Sisi stressed that his understanding of the true teachings of Islam is what
motivates him to be considerate in congratulating Christians and
allowing them to build their churches.
Sisi called on his people to use Islamic teachings in selecting the right
person for the right job, regardless of status. He also called for the use of
critical thought when deliberating any issue.
The Al-Azhar Sheikh, Professor Ahmed al-Tayeb, sent a message to Sisi
during the same ceremony in which he expressed his delight in listening
to the President’s speech at the Islamic summit in Makkah earlier this
month. At the latter, Sisi called for combating terrorism, Islamophobia
and hatred of Arabs and Muslims simultaneously.
Al-Tayeb stressed that Al-Azhar also calls on Muslim scholars and church
leaders in the East and West to make concerted efforts to combat
terrorism, pointing out that Islam is a call for peace and compassion
among people.