Sisi increases military pensions for the tenth time

June 27, 2019

President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi has decided to increase military pensions as of next July.

This came after the approval by the Committee on Defence and National Security of a bill submitted by the government to the House of Representatives to increase military pensions by 15 per cent.

Since the arrival of President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi to power in mid-2014, the regime has approved nine full increases in military salaries and pensions, the latest of which was in June 2018, when the House of Representatives approved a 15 per cent increase in military pensions.

The parliament also approved a 10 per cent increase in military salaries in mid-2016, which was preceded by the decision to increase military pensions and salaries on six occasions.

It also agreed to grant exceptional salaries to several volunteer soldiers and former recruits in the armed forces.

Al-Sisi decided in June 2015 to increase military salaries by 10 per cent, without a minimum or maximum, and in December 2014 to an increase of 5 per cent.

As soon as he took office in July 2014, Sisi issued a decision to increase the military salaries of military personnel by 10 per cent, without a limit.

During his tenure as defence minister, Sisi raised the salaries of the Republican Guard officers by EGP 2,000 in November 2013, more than the rest of their colleagues of the same rank in other parts of the army.