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20 killed and dozens injured: conflicting accounts about Cairo explosion


August 6, 2019

Twenty Egyptians were killed and dozens wounded in an explosion outside the Institute of Oncology in central Cairo on Sunday evening.

Official accounts on the cause of the explosion contradicted earlier explanations. Initially doctors from inside the institute posted on social media that an oxygen tank at the institute exploded.

The second version came from the Interior Ministry, which said in a statement that the accident was the result of the collision of a car moving in the opposite direction with three other cars.

One of the eyewitnesses said that he was “near the scene and smelt gasoline,” adding that the explosion was too big and that it could not have been the result of a collision.

The Ministry of the Interior issued another statement with a new interpretation on Monday that a car loaded with explosives driving against the traffic caused the explosion after colliding with three other cars. 

According to the statement, the investigation revealed that the car was stolen from the province of Menoufia a few months ago, and revealed that a technical examination of the car found explosives inside. 

The statement accused the movement Hasm, adding that initial estimates indicate that the car was on its way to another place to carry out a terrorist operation.

The Ministry of Health announced that the death toll has risen to 20, including four unidentified persons, 47 injured and a “bag of human remains.”