Sisi tried to deny, but in fact he admitted

September 16, 2019

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi has repeatedly told the 8th Youth Conference that all that was said over the past two weeks against him and army commanders is a lie and slander. Al-Sisi has sworn repeatedly that it is a lie, but did not offer alternative information to what Egyptian businessman Mohamed Ali said.

But when Sisi was exposed to detailed information, he acknowledged all the information mentioned by the owner of “Amlak” Contracting, who worked for 15 years in the field of constructions with the Egyptian army.

In his first comment on the accusations made by the contractor, “Mohamed Ali,” Al-Sisi said that the security services invited him not to comment on him because his followers number is not large, but said that the Egyptians have the right to know the truth, adding: “No.. I swear by God, this is a lie.”

This came during an intervention in the opening session of the activities of the eighth youth conference held at the Manara International Conference Center in the suburb of Fifth Settlement (east of Cairo), which is entitled session of the impact of spreading lies on the state in the wars of the fourth generation.

“Everything that has been said over the past two weeks is to destroy your will and your loss of hope and confidence, which is very dangerous for our country,” Sisi said.

The strong general, who runs the country with an iron fist, admitted that Ali’s videos Worry him: “Today, this issue concerns me, why? Because this videos destroys the confidence that we have been building for 7 years.”

In the context of the information circulated, “Sisi” at the same time acknowledged the validity of some of the information provided by “Ali”, saying: “The topics at hand can be true, it is true that there was a case of death before the opening ceremony of the new Suez Canal, and the burial was postponed for three days to After the ceremony.”

But he criticized the way to exploit that information, pointing out that “was used in the context that the man who leaves his mother 3 days in the fridge without burying to celebrate we can not believe him or consider him a human.”

“Mohamed Ali” has said in his videos that “Al-Sisi” hid his mother three days in the refrigerator and did not bury her or announce her death until the completion of the opening ceremony of the new Suez Canal.

Sisi acknowledged the validity of Ali’s information, but criticized its use. It was not logical for Sisi to deny the authenticity of Ali’s information, because pro-regime media had already mentioned this at the funeral of Sisi’s mother, but cited it as a good thing for  “Al-Sisi” who hid his feelings and sorrows for the opening of the huge Egyptian project.

Sisi also acknowledged that he had built a cemetery costing millions of pounds, but he only questioned the source of the money spent on building the cemetery and its huge gate.

Talking about that point, he replied, “This man (Al-Sisi) built a cemetery… Yes true.” “But who paid for it?” he added.

Sisi did not say who paid for the tomb. He only asked the question, questioning Mohamed Ali’s information that the tomb was built from the money of the Egyptian people.

With regard to building presidential palaces, “Al-Sisi” confirmed,  building presidential palaces as reported by “Mohammed Ali,” but he added that this is not in his name, but for the benefit of Egypt, he said.

He added, “Have you built new presidential palaces? Yes, of course. I built presidential palaces. I will build more. Are these palaces for me? I am building a new country.”

He added, “Do you think that when you speak falsehood you will make me afraid? No .. I built and I will build, not for me… Not in my name, this in the name of Egypt.”

This confession is the third in a single session that all the information reported by Mohamed Ali is correct.

In fact, Mohamed Ali did not say that Al-Sisi wrote these palaces in his name, but said that he and his wife dwelt it and that they spent on its building millions of EGP at a time when many Egyptian people do not find their living.

Mohamed Ali’s objection was that the palaces were built with Egyptians’ money, and that it was built at EGP 250 million for a one-night stay for the president and his wife. Sisi did not deny that.

Sisi tried to arouse the sympathy of the Egyptians, the strong general showed sadness over the accusations, repeating, “Oh Shame .. Oh Shameful ,” prompting one of the audience to his calls, saying, “Do not be sad, President.” He respond in turn, “I am not sad.”

This is the first indirect response from General Al-Sisi to the videos of the Egyptian contractor and actor “Mohamed Ali”, who accused him and the leaders of the armed forces of financial and administrative corruption, in videos spread extensively on social media platforms.