Egypt Watch

New case for Ola al-Qaradawi's husband after his release

Engineer Hosam Khalaf, husband of Ola al-Qaradawi, appeared on
Sunday at the Supreme State Security Prosecution on a new case
charged with joining a terrorist group and financing terrorism.
Hosam was released more than five months ago after being held for
more than two years, and then disappeared and reappeared again under
a new case.
Hosam was released on July 19 2019 after two years in pre-trial
detention on case 316, the same case as his wife Ola al-Qaradawi, who is
still in custody.
According to the Egyptian Initiative for Rights and Freedoms, Hosam
was kidnapped after being released from the national security
headquarters and was disappeared for a month and a half, in which he
was handcuffed and blindfolded until he appeared on Sunday before the
Ola is the daughter of the well-known widely respected Islamic scholar
Sheikh Yousuf al-Qaradawi. Ola was ordered to be released in July 2019,
but was immediately put on a new case with the same charges of joining
a terror group.