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Harmful gas emission suffocated 27 students in Aswan

27 students at Hussein Mirsal Industrial Secondary School in Aswan were subject to suffocation due to the leakage of ammonia gas from the Kima Aswan Fertilizer Factory, which is near the school The students were transferred to Aswan University Hospital to receive the necessary treatment, after editing a report of the incident stating the leakage of ammonia gas from the Kima Aswan factory, knowing that it is the second incident in less than three months, as harmful emissions from the factory caused 84 school students to suffocate at the end of last November. After the November incident, a committee from the Ministry of The environment was formed to prepare a report on the state of the factory and confirmed that the aging of the plant’s nitric acid production unit is the main cause of these harmful emissions as it dates back to 1956 since the establishment of the factory.

The Environmental Affairs Agency edited many reports against the factory, and demanded that the factory administration renew this unit or replace it with a new one, but this has not happened yet. imprisonment of the political activist Esraa Abdel-Fattah, and Ayman Abdel-Moaty, the director of distribution at Dar Al-Maraya for publication and distribution, for 45 days pending the investigations conducted with them.