Member of Parliament arrested for bribery


The Administrative Control Authority arrested MP Jamal al-Shuwaikhi accusing him of obtaining 300 thousand EGP as a bribe from the Chairman of the Board of Next Home Real Estate Company, in exchange for exploiting his influence with high-profile officials to end the procedures for recovering a guarantee of drilling works worth 5.7 million EGP for one of the company’s projects. This comes hours after parliament approved by a two-thirds majority of members yesterday, to lift the immunity of the deputy, in response to the request of the public prosecutor to complete the procedures of the investigation into his accusation of bribery.

The Administrative Control Authority arrested a number of officials from Al-Mokattam neighborhood in Cairo Governorate, for receiving bribes worth 5 million pounds from the company itself, to finish the procedures for issuing project licenses. It is worth mentioning that many judicial rulings were issued against some members of Parliament in cases of corruption and bribery, the last of which was MP Salah Essa, whose immunity was lifted and he was imprisoned in a bribery case.