Egypt Watch

A new act to facilitate the confiscation of funds of political opponents

President Sisi issued Law 14 of 2020 amending Law No. 8 of 2015 regulating lists of terrorist entities and terrorists. The amendment included a new article stipulating the freezing of funds or other assets owned by the terrorist entity, or for members of the entity, whether he owned it in whole or in the form of shares in joint ownership, including the returns resulting from this property, even if the person does not directly control it.

The new amendment violates the principle of the personality of the punishment, whereby the state is allowed to control economic institutions and entities on the pretext of its partial ownership of a person on the terrorist lists. It is reported that the Council of Ministers last month amended Law No.22 of 18 regulating the confiscation of property of terrorist entities/persons and granting the Public Prosecution the authority to confiscate the funds of those listed as terrorist, even if these funds were not used in terrorist activities. This law permits anyone to be included on the terrorism list and for his property to be confiscated without proving that this person has committed a crime.