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Ziad al-Olaimi sentenced to a year imprisonment for an interview with BBC!

The Cairo Criminal Court decided to imprison the activist Ziad Al-Olaimi for a year with a fine of 20,000 pounds, on charges of defaming Egypt and publishing false news, in a television interview on BBC during which he spoke about the Egyptian issue and President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi. The security services arrested Al-Olaimi last June, accusing him of establishing an alliance to contest the legislative elections in 2020, called the Alliance of Hope. Al-Olaimi was accused of founding a group in contravention of the law, its purpose is to disrupt the provisions of the constitution, and spread false news about economic and political conditions in order to disturb public peace. He has been held in pre-trial detention for more than eight months, and is still under investigation, and no formal charges have been filed against him until now.

On the other hand, the Supreme State Security Prosecution decided to renew the imprisonment of the three journalists, Solafa Magdy and her husband Hossam Al-Sayyad and Muhammad Salah, for a period of 15 days pending investigations, and the automatic renewal of the detention session came without investigations and without allowing their defense to attend the session, It also decided to renew the imprisonment of the researcher, Patrick George, a master’s student at the University of Bologna and a researcher in the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights, for a period of 15 days, against the background of his accusation of inciting the overthrow of the regime in the Egyptian state, and the publication of false information and news. Amnesty International issued a report on the human rights situation in Egypt, which it described as disastrous and degrading the report, in which journalists and political opponents are subjected to massive arrests, enforced disappearances, torture, arbitrary detention, strict surveillance, and other forms of ill-treatment.