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A crisis between labor and administration in Alexandria Clothes Company over salaries’ cuts

The center for Trade Union and Workers Services (CTUWS) issued a statement, in which it said that the Alexandria Company for Clothes in Borg El Arab City had prevented the company’s workers, who numbered about 500, from entering the factory and starting their work.

According to the statement, the factory workers went to the administration building last April 29 to find out the fate of their late salaries, and to verify current rumors about reducing salaries, but the administration informed them that these rumors were not true.
However, the workers were surprised the next day, by the presence of a police officer to the factory, telling them that the administration decided to reduce their salaries by 25% and that the administration filed a complaint against them claiming that they gathered and wanted to strike.

The workers filed a complaint in the labor office of the Ministry of Manpower against the intransigence of the factory’s management, and meanwhile, the factory director, Adel Safwat, issued a decision to stop work and prevent workers from entering the factory.

Hussein Al-Masry, a lawyer at CTUWS said that any company should notify the Labor Office of any decision of closure, whether complete or partial, with mentioning all the reasons, so that the office forms a committee to examine these reasons and verify their authenticity, to ensure the rights of workers. Egyptian workers face harsh conditions due to the Corona pandemic crisis, as most of them are exposed to salary cuts, and layoffs.