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Egypt doctor loses sight due to work stress amid coronavirus crisis

Doctor Mahmoud Sami, a specialist of infectious diseases at Bella Hospital, lost his eyesight while working in a coronavirus quarantine hospital. After a stressful day and working more than 12 hours in the quarantine hospital, Sami suffered from breathing difficulties and high blood pressure, and lost consciousness. He was taken by ambulance to the intensive care unit in Kafr el-Sheikh Hospital.

Sami tested negative for the coronavirus, but after his condition improved, he discovered he was unable to see, as the high blood pressure affected the ophthalmic artery causing ophthalmic retinopathy. Sami said in a media interview, “I hope that God cures me and gives me back my eyesight so I can go back to work and help my colleagues fight the coronavirus.” “I do not regret carrying out my duty. May God help doctors, nurses and the state in fighting this pandemic,” he added.