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Egypt’s Medical Syndicate demands isolation hospital for medical staff

In a letter addressed to the President of the Republic and the Minister of Health, the Medical Syndicate called for the necessity of allocating an isolation hospital for doctors and other health care workers infected with coronavirus. Infected cases among doctors have significantly increased recently, with no available places for them in isolation hospitals. In the previous two days, it was announced that 150 health care workers were infected with coronavirus in al-Zahraa University Hospital, including 49 doctors, 44 in al-Matareya Hospital and 26 in Ahmed Maher Teaching Hospital.

The Health Ministry asked the infected doctors to isolate themselves in their houses, despite the fact that many of them are exhibiting respiratory distress, which stoked anger among doctors. The syndicate demanded a quick opening of new isolation hospitals in various governorates, as well as an increase in non-curative quarantine utilities, such as university cities, and contracting with some hotels in the event of insufficient university cities. The number of infections among doctors in Egypt exceeded 200, of whom 11 died.