Egypt Watch

Egyptians on social media reject al-Sisi’s interference in Libya

“I did not authorise”… Egyptian activists have launched an electronic campaign rejecting the decision of the House of Representatives (parliament) authorising General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi to send military forces west, in reference to military intervention in Libya.

Activists warned of the danger of the Egyptian army’s involvement in a war no one knows when it will end, especially with escalated fears of losses among the Egyptians recruited into the army. The activists said that the Egyptian military intervention in Libya is not in Cairo’s favour, but rather is driven by a UAE-Saudi desire to confront Turkey, undermine the internationally recognised legitimate government of al-Wefaq, and to repeat the Egyptian’s experience of a military coup, in Libya. This came in response to the parliament’s approval to deploy Egyptian armed forces on combat missions abroad, and on strategic “western fronts”, without Libya being mentioned by name, in the name of countering “armed criminal militias” and “foreign terrorist elements”.

The Egyptian activists’ hashtag also squared off against pro-regime media, which portrayed the mandate of parliament as a popular mandate, given that members of parliament represent all Egyptians. The activists disavowed the parliament and its members and said that they do not represent the Egyptian people, but rather they came to their positions based on a security report and forging the will of the people.

The activists said that the Egyptian people want to authorise the army to intervene in solving the crisis of the Renaissance Dam that Ethiopia is building, which recently completed the first phase of filling its lake, while Egypt continues the journey of negotiations without achieving any result.