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Deep Knowledge Group: Egypt ranked 86th in the efficiency of COVID19 control

A report by the Deep Knowledge Group ranked Egypt globally 86th of the efficiency of coronavirus control. The report said that the assessment of the Egyptian efforts is estimated at 48.6%, which is the level that made Egypt falls within the category of third-level countries in terms of the efficiency of efforts to combat the epidemic. The research focused on the period during the period From January 1st to July 1st.

Deep Knowledge Group’s report came in 250 pages, and it is considered as one of the independent evaluations that followed the level of efficiency of the efforts of 200 countries, based on a set of criteria in every field within the efforts to combat the spread of the virus. The report divides the countries of the world into 4 levels; It is the first-level countries that achieved 637 degrees or more, the second-level countries whose grades ranged between 550 and 633 degrees, and the third-level countries whose grades ranged between 440 and 549 degrees, then the countries outside the classification that were 435 degrees or less.

Egypt scored 89 out of 220 in the criteria for measuring quarantine efficiency, at 40.5%. In terms of the efficiency criteria of the government in managing risks, Egypt obtained 115 out of 220 degrees, with an efficiency rate of 51.4%. It also obtained 94 out of 150 degrees, with an efficiency of 62.7%, according to the criteria for measuring the efficiency of virus detection and monitoring efforts. In the standards for measuring the level of health care readiness, Egypt scored 42 out of 130, with an efficiency of 32.3%.

On measuring emergency preparedness and preparedness, Egypt obtained 55 degrees out of 150 degrees, with an efficiency level of 36.7%.With regard to the criteria for measuring mobility flexibility and control efforts at the local and regional levels, Egypt obtained 87 out of 117 degrees, with an efficiency of 74.4%. It is noted from the previous figures that the two lowest grades obtained by Egypt were related to efforts that fall on the responsibility of the government alone, far from society.