Egypt Watch

25 protesters arrested for demonstrating against al-Sisi

A human rights source said that the Egyptian authorities have arrested 25 Egyptians in connection with the ongoing demonstrations against the regime of General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi since September 20. Local media reported, according to security sources, that two citizens were arrested in the al-Badrashin district, south of Giza Governorate, for allegedly assaulting a police car.

Over the past two days, the protests condemning al-Sisi’s policies have expanded to the areas of al-Basateen in the heart of Cairo, al-Warraq Island, al-Ayat and Atfih, and the villages of al-Dismi, Asool, and Nazlat al-Ashtar in Giza (west of Cairo), and al-Qanatir al-Khayriya in Qalyubia (north of Cairo). Egyptians protested in Kafr al-Dawar in the Beheira governorate (the Nile Delta / North), the Islah road in al-Maamoura in Alexandria (north), in addition to four governorates in Upper Egypt amid a state of hit-and-run between the demonstrators and the security forces.

Widespread anger is escalating in the Egyptian street due to the deterioration of living and economic conditions, the continued imposition of taxes, and the demolition of homes because their owners did not obtain building permissions.