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Parliamentarian calls for investigating central bank governor’s wife for corruption

An Egyptian parliamentarian submitted an official memorandum to the Administrative Control Authority to open an investigation into corruption of former Minister Dalia Khorshid and her abuse of the position of her husband, the current Central Bank Governor, Tarek Amer, to facilitate her work.

MP Mohamed Fouad, in his memo, said that the Khorshid Company, known as Masar, had significant dealings with the Egyptian Hydrocarbon Company, according to local media. He cited facts about Khorshid’s abuse of her husband’s position to pressure the heads of several banks to prevent them from seizing the Egyptian Hydrocarbon Company after it was unable to pay debts estimated at $450 million. The parliamentarian explained that Khorshid gets $50,000 a month for consulting work for the Egyptian Hydrocarbon Company, under a contract signed in April 2019.

The MP indicated that Khorshid gets three per cent of the new loan that it is facilitating for that company. The parliamentarian called on the Administrative Control Authority to investigate the pressures that the heads of several banks were subjected to facilitate Masar’s work and the conflict of interests in appointing bank officials within the company to facilitate Khorshid’s work.