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Egypt parliament rejects adding doctors to the martyrs’ fund

The Egyptian parliament approved initially a bill to increase the resources of the fund of victims of policemen and militaries through adding a toll on any document issued by a governmental institution and on tickets of sports matches, festivals and concerts. The fund of policemen and military victims was established in 2018 to pay a pension to those injured in warfare or in armed clashes with terrorists and criminals, or to their families. However, Hanafy Gebaly, the speaker of the parliament, rejected the demands of a couple of members to add doctors who die of COVID-19 infection to the fund’s beneficiaries. Gebaly argued that such a decision needs a bill presented by the cabinet or the ministry of health.

Ibrahim Zayat, member of the board of the Egyptian Medical Syndicate, considered the decision a return to point zero, indicating that the syndicate has demanded the presidency, the cabinet, the ministry of health and the parliament to treat COVID-19 victims of health care providers the same as the victims of police and military, especially because a lot of medical victims are young, so their families receive small pensions. However, the demands were not responded to.

Mohamed Abdel Hameed, treasurer of EMS, said that the amendments of the law of medical professions included the establishment of a fund for victims of medical professions. However, this fund has not ever been established despite the adoption of the law. Moreover, the fund according to the law was to pay a financial remuneration to the victim once, forever without the advantages given to the victims of police and military.