Egypt Watch

Egypt starts vaccination against COVID19 from Sunday

Abdel Fattah al-Sisi announced, on Saturday, that vaccination of medical teams and the most vulnerable people against COVID19 by Sinopharm Chinese vaccine will start, on Sunday. He added, in his meeting with the editors-in-chief of a couple of journals during the opening of Fairuz Fish Farm in Port Saeed, that Egypt will receive another type of anti-COVID19 vaccines by the end of week.

The ministry of health said that the medical team of Al-Khalifa Hospital for COVID19 patients in Ismaelia will be the first to be vaccinated. Earlier, the head of the Egyptian Authority of United Medical Purchase, Provision and Supply said that Egypt had contracted 20 million doses of Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine. Moreover, Egypt received a new stock of Sinopharm vaccine from UAE. Doctor Alaa Ghannam, the expert of health systems, said that vaccinating medical teams at first is necessary for preserving the medical services from collapse. He added that the ministry of health is in crisis because of the high death rate among doctors and other health care providers working in public hospitals.