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MPs of the Egyptian Democratic Party demands the release

The MPs of the Egyptian Social Democratic party, which holds 7 seats in the parliament, presented a letter to Hanafy Gebaly, the speaker of the parliament. The letter included the names of 78 political detainees demanding their release. The seven MPs demanded Gebaly to exert his efforts so that the political detainees who are prisoned just for their opinions and ideas could be released. “They emphasized that the freedom of the home and its dignity originate from the freedom of the citizens and their dignity,” the party said on Facebook.

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The letter indicated that a lot of political detainees have an expanded imprisonment with maximum remand (2 years) without evidence on the charges against them, but rather the remand is renewed after its maximum by inserting them in new cases with random charges. “This deepens the suffering and hurt of the detainees and their families,” they added.

The list included the following names of detainees:

  1. Ziad el-Eleimy, member of the politburo of the Egyptian Social Democratic Party
  2. Khalil Rezk
  3. Hesham Fouaad
  4. Hasan Barbary
  5. Ramy Nabil Shaath, son of the high profile palestanian official Nabil Shaath
  6. Hossam Moanes
  7. Khaled Dawood
  8. Hazem Hosny
  9. Mahienour el-Masry
  10. Abdel Nasser Ismael
  11. Amr Adel Emam
  12. Haitham Mohammadein
  13. Mohamed Ramadan
  14. Ahmed Tammam
  15. Alaa Essam
  16. Ashraf Saleh
  17. Ayman Ebaid
  18. Ashraf Ayoub
  19. Kamal Saadeddene
  20. Hany Atiia
  21. Amr Nouhan
  22. Hussein al-Sabbak
  23. Kamal al-Balshy
  24. Islam Ezzat
  25. Ahmed Shaker
  26. Moataz Abdel Wahab
  27. Hassan Moustafa
  28. Alaa Abdel Fattah
  29. Mohamed al-Baqer
  30. Esraa Abdel Fattah
  31. Solafa Magdy
  32. Hossam al-Sayyad
  33. Ziad Aboul Fadl
  34. Abdel Rahman Tarek
  35. Patrick George
  36. Ramy Kamel
  37. Mohamed Salah
  38. Ibrahim Ezzeddene
  39. Karam Baghdady
  40. Abu Zeid Barakat
  41. Alaa al-Wakeel
  42. Abdel Aleem Ismael
  43. Marwa Arafa
  44. Moustafa al-Asar
  45. Mohamed al-Qassas
  46. Radwa Mohamed
  47. Bassam Galaleddene
  48. Mohamed Hamdoon
  49. Mahmoud Fareed
  50. Suleiman Dosouky
  51. Mohamed Youssef
  52. Bassam al-Naggar
  53. Hamed Mohammadein
  54. Abdel Rahman Hemida
  55. Sayed Abdel Aal
  56. Waleed Shawky
  57. Sharif al-Rouby
  58. Mohamed Adel
  59. Sanaa Seif
  60. Moustafa Zaghloul
  61. Khaled Sharafeddene
  62. Hamdy Zaky
  63. Tarek Youssef
  64. Maher Abdel Hakeem
  65. Ahmed al-Ghandour
  66. Mohamed Hamasa
  67. Ahmed Shawky
  68. Ahmed Ghaly
  69. Ahmed Masoud
  70. Khaled Alsayed Albadawy
  71. Islam Samak
  72. Yehia Abdel Hady
  73. Moataz Wednan
  74. Mohamed Radwan
  75. Shady Srour
  76. Sayed al-Banna
  77. Kholoud Saeed
  78. Moustafa Gamal