Dr.Hassan Nafaa
Egypt Watch

Hasan Nafaa calls the Egyptian regime to release the political detainees

The Egyptian prominent professor Hassan Nafaa called the ruling regime in Egypt to release the political detainees. “It is time for the regime to treat in a different way with the political detainees,” said Nafaa on Twitter. “Thousands of detainees are still in the prison for fabricated charges and without a legal cause.” Nafaa added, “Egypt is in need to open a new page, so when we will close the old one?”

Nafaa, a73-year-old professor, is the former chairman of the department of politics in Cairo University. In September 2019, he was detained and charged with joining a terrorist group and publishing false news, but he was released in March 2020. Nafaa’s call came parallel to a statement of Amnesty International, in which the human rights organizations demanded the immediate release of the human rights defenders and activists who are arrested in Egypt.

“Ten years since the 25th of January Revolution in Egypt, a lot of human rights defenders and activists are still under arbitrary detention,” said Amnesty International on Twitter. “Al-Sisi has to put an end to the crowdedness of prisons, and release those who were detained arbitrarily, particularly those vulnerable to COVID19 infection.”