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Libya accuses Egypt of smuggling weapons hidden in medical shipment to Haftar

A Libyan military official accused the Egyptian army of supplying a shipment of weapons and ammunition to Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar’s forces under cover of providing medical aid to Libya.

The spokesman for the Sirte Liberation Operations Room Al-Jufra, Al-Hadi Dara, told its correspondent that “the two Egyptian planes that landed at Sabha airport were carrying a shipment of weapons and ammunition.” He explained that the shipment of weapons sent by the Egyptian army is hidden under the medicine to support Haftar’s forces, who faces difficult days in Beni Ghazi, eastern Libya, reported Anadolu Agency.

The official added that two Egyptian C-130 planes landed at Sebha Airport, and there was actually a simple set of medicine on board the two planes, but most of the cargo was weapons and ammunition, he said. The Egyptian Armed Forces announced it was sending military aircraft to Libya, carrying medical aid to support the Libyan health sector particularly for coronavirus.

In a statement posted on its official Facebook page, the Egyptian Armed Forces said: “Military transport planes took off from East Cairo Air Base, bound for Sebha Airport, in Libya.” The statement pointed out that two planes were loaded with tonnes of medical aid provided by the Egyptian Ministry of Health and Population to Libya to relieve the burdens on Libyan citizens’ shoulders. The statement stressed the importance of this aid in supporting the Libyan health sector to face its challenges, especially in light of the coronavirus spread.

On Tuesday, the Libyan Ministry of Health announced the arrival of two shipments of medicine and medical supplies provided by the Arab Republic of Egypt to Sabha International Airport, in coordination with the Ministry of Health in the Government of National Unity.