Egypt Watch

Egypt ends the school year in April due to the outbreak of COVID-19

The Egyptian Ministry of Education announced, in a statement, that the end of the current school year will be at the end of this April for school students of all school levels.

The decision applies from kindergarten to the second year of secondary school, except senior students of middle and high school diploma students.

Many expected the decision days before its release. It anticipates the country entering the height of the third wave of the outbreak of the coronavirus.

The Ministry of Education made it clear that it took this decision after consulting with the prime minister and the relevant agencies, headed by the Ministry of Health and Population. A few days ago, the Ministry denied the circulating news and Tariq Shawqi, Minister of Education, launched an attack on what he described as rumour spreaders among citizens and students’ parents.

The ministry’s retreat sparked widespread ridicule on social media. Many students and their parents said that the education minister did not know anything about the state’s policy and his ministry’s plan.

A few days ago, the Egyptian Minister of Health, Hala Zayed, warned of huge spikes in the new coronavirus infections. The government pledged severity and firmness in implementing the precautionary measures.