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4 new COVID-19 deaths among doctors brings total to 533

Within 24 hours, four new doctors died from the coronavirus, which brings the total of victims among Egyptian doctors to 533.

The General Syndicate of Physicians mourned: Dr. Mona Mostafa Kamal, consultant anesthetist at Al Munira Hospital and Dr. Ashraf Ali Jaber Ali, consultant ENT, who died in Al-Agami Central Hospital in Alexandria.

The Syndicate also mourned Dr. Abdel-Majid Ismail Attia Khalil, a free doctor in Alexandria, and Dr. Ramez Adeeb Jabra Shalaby, a consultant urologist in Assiut, who died in Assiut University Hospital.

The Syndicate said that all of them passed away due to infection with the coronavirus and offered its sincere condolences to their families and loved ones. The syndicate confirmed that the deaths from the coronavirus have risen to 533 doctors so far. During the past months, the Doctors Syndicate issued several statements dealing with the health situation and the problems that doctors suffer due to the corona pandemic.

It criticised the Ministry of Health’s ignorance of their demands in an incomprehensible and unjustified manner, including the requirement to facilitate doctors’ access to vaccines against the coronavirus. The most prominent dispute between the Ministry and the Syndicate regarding COVID-19 has focused on the validity of the data, as the Syndicate insists that the health data is inaccurate.

The Doctors Syndicate continually confirms that the government is trying to alleviate the impact of the disaster, especially concerning conditions in hospitals and the infection rate and death toll. In early May, the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights called on the state authorities to declare mourning for the lives of doctors who died from coronavirus. According to the Doctors Syndicate data, the demands came as the number of doctors who died from the virus reached 500. According to official data, the number of doctors in Egypt is 188,000, but only 800,000 doses of vaccines are available.