Egypt Watch

Leaked call between two presidential advisors reveals widespread corruption

The recent episode of the Egyptian YouTuber Abdullah Sherif has generated widespread controversy after it broadcast a leak of presidential advisors coordinating bribes and commissions worth millions of pounds.

The leak was a call phone between a former major-general, Farouk El-Kady, and a woman called Mervat Mohamed Ali about projects to be carried out by the Armed Forces Engineering Authority, including building stations. According to the leak, El-Kady confirmed that he will give Mervat Mohamed Ali EGP 2 million for each station she passes to him. The bribes and corruption revenues of this leak amount to EGP 68 million for these two people only.

The leak indicated that all these projects have been given to the army, represented by the Engineering Authority, through direct order, instead of public bidding with competitors who may propose better offers. El-Kady is a partner in a law and legal consultations firm. He can be heard saying that he “intentionally puts the names of officers and major-generals in the contracts to intimidate those who object to them.” El-Kady also mentioned a network inside the republican palace, special patrols and the presidency which is involved in these bribes.

The conversation also mentioned the theft of 160 antiquities behind Al-Montazah Palace. The robbery was committed by officers responsible for the digging and construction works in Al-Montazah under a decree of President Sisi. El-Kady told Ali that if she moved to the New Administrative Capital, she will be given a EGP 6 million villa, but she will pay just EGP 750,000 in installments while the rest of this amount will be paid from the Tahya Misr Fund. This applies to all employees at the same grade. Then he advised her to appoint her two sons in senior positions but away from her job.